Cordellia Clark-Bailey

Women's Center Director

Work Experience

Mrs. Clark-Bailey brings 25 years of leadership in the social service field and ministry. She holds an MRSS and MAADC II certification. She has had the opportunity to lead social service-oriented projects as well as implement program ideas and expand visions. Her strengths include life coaching, program and career development, goal setting, literacy, and social skills.

Mrs. Clark-Bailey’s skill set, and strengths directly impact programmatic, individual, and organizational outcomes and achievements. She seeks to motivate and inspire others to expand their reach beyond the standard and to participate in projects that will elevate the workforce. She encourages others to be change-ready and eager to become change agents within their sphere of influence. She has the ability to enthuse others’ positivity when cultural, organizational, and individual change becomes relevant and necessary to do the next right thing for the good of the whole. She values excellence in all her endeavors and encourages her staff to strive to achieve that same level.

Mrs. Clark-Bailey approaches her professional responsibilities with the utmost integrity and exemplary boundaries. She is a person who respects all people, honors their self-dignity, and values their worth and diversity. Mrs. Clark-Bailey is effective in how she guides, encourages, and advocates for those she serves as they move toward and achieve their goals. Mrs. Clark-Bailey embraces the principles of trauma-informed care and approaches all relationships with an understanding and acceptance that meets each individual where they are. Mrs. Clark-Bailey is an excellent communicator and is gifted in expressing herself through verbal and written modes of communication.