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A campaign to renovate and expand Shelter KC for more life-changing transformations

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“The design of a physical space influences the mental state of the people in that space. That shapes their attitudes and behavior.”

- Sally Augustin, “Place Advantage, Applied Psychology for Interior Architects”

About Shelter KC

Founded in 1950 by Dr. Jarette Aycock, a former alcoholic who experienced homelessness and through the life-saving work of Union Rescue Mission in LA, began a rescue mission in Kansas City. At the time, Dr. Aycock saw there was a disconnect between the church and those experiencing homelessness. Shelter KC’s legacy has been and will continue to be an extension of the church to the poor and addicted. 

    Transformations Campaign Goal

    Research shows there is a strong link between a person’s physiological state, emotional state, and their physical environment. Through the lens of “Trauma Informed Design” Shelter KC is embarking on a $8 million dollar campaign to create a facility that echoes the excellence of our programs and conveys our commitment to those we serve. By investing in the Transformations Campaign, you will help create an environment more conducive to extending our transformational programs of emergency housing, case management, homeless outreach, and addiction recovery.

    This campaign will take place in two phases: Renovation and Expansion. This will allow us to both increase our capacity to serve more guests and improve the facilities and services provided once they arrive at the shelter.

    Transform Lives Today

    Phase 1 Renovations

    Shelter KC serves a diverse range of needs among those who experience homelessness. Many guests are struggling with mental health issues, recent medical procedures, crisis situations, and other traumas. For these men, large, crowded dorms or lack of specialized programming can cause barriers to healing and transformational growth. This is why our main focus for Phase 1 of renovations includes more areas for reflection, personal space, and improving the dignity of the men we serve.

    Phase 1 Renovations Include:

    Respite Center

    Our Respite Center will include 1 and 2-person bedrooms and community areas adjacent to bathroom and shower facilities. This space will allow men recovering from surgery or other medial care a place to rest and recover.

    Renew - Mental Health Center

    Renovations will include our modern Step-Up Beds with living space, a separate shower and bathroom area as well as meeting space for partner agencies to facilitate their mental health care.

    Shelter Launch Dorm

    This renovation will provide an additional 14 beds for men working a plan out of homelessness. The dorm will include our modern Step-Up Beds which offer clients increased privacy, storage space, reading lights, and easier accessibility.

    Facility Bathroom Improvements

    Our bathroom remodel will include individual shower spaces with attached changing areas as well as handicap showers and toilets. This will enable us to provide a safe, private area to address the most basic human needs.

    Staff Offices & Resources Area

    In order to accommodate our staffing needs and provide program office space more accessible to clients, new offices will be included in the renovations in the Administrative area. This will improve collaboration, workspace, and client care.

    Step Up Beds

    Renovations through the Transformations campaign will enable Shelter KC to upgrade all existing shelter beds with the StepUp bed systems. The two-level system has stairstep access to upper sleeping areas, greater privacy, personal storage space, reading lights, and USB ports for charging cell phones.

    Phase 2 Expansion

    For the past 30 years, the Mission has operated out of a four-building, 23,000 sq. ft. complex that, while serving the immediate needs, has grown tight as demand for our services expands. Following the completion of the renovations of Phase 1, we will begin construction on 12,000 additional square footage. This extra space will be built on top of our existing parking area and used to better accommodate our guests and provide a more welcoming face to the community.

    Phase 2 Expansion Includes:

    Aycock Welcome Center

    For the past 30 years, the Mission has operated out of a four-building, 23,000 sq. ft. complex that, while serving the immediate needs, has grown tight as demand for the services expands. To better accommodate our guests and provide a more welcoming face to the community, Shelter KC has developed plans for a 12,000 sq. ft expansion and addition that will be built on top of our existing parking area.

    Shelter KC Barber Shop

    Currently, volunteers come on a monthly basis to provide haircuts for residents at our men’s center but often have to set up shop in our classrooms or living spaces. The new barber shop will be located by the welcome center and have appropriate accommodations for both men and women receiving haircuts.

    Williams Commons

    In honor of long-time servant, friend and previous employee Michael Williams, Shelter KC is dedicating the new C-COR living space in his honor.

    McKnight Commons

    In honor of previous employee Glen McKnight, Shelter KC is dedicating the third floor living space.

    Colaizzi Chapel

    CCOR Living Facilities

    Outdoor Spaces

    Concepts By HOK

    Transform Lives Today

    Ways to Support

    For 70 years, faithful partners have enabled us to meet the needs of thousands of individuals facing the challenging issues of homelessness. As we step out on faith, once again, we ask for your support as we seek to increase our space, expand our services and grow our partnerships to meet the ever-changing needs of those experiencing homelessness in Kansas City. Together, we can recognize the dignity and path of renewal for all our guests and seek to offer a better way to shelter.

    Contact Kara Feitz, Development Director for corporate sponsorships, naming opportunities, and general campaign information.

    Contact Alisha Roberts, Donor Relations Specialist for room sponsorships and general contributions.

    Trauma-Informed Design

    We are so excited to work with HOK for both phases of this project. Through the research on trauma-informed design "there's a strong link between people's physiological state, emotional state, and their physical environment . . . it is possible to design and maintain supportive and healing environments to help people resist re-traumatization." - Jill Pable, "Designed for Healing." Shelter KC's future facility will include the following trauma-informed design principles and elements: Intentional use of healing colors, Reinforcement of personal identity and sense of ownership,A safe and inviting environment, A dynamic, multi-sensory environment, sense of community, and more!

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