Education Promoting Life Skills

Shelter KC is a continuous-learning environment that promises life-long learning. Our educational services include life skills, financial planning, and practical training customized for individual development toward occupational goals and successful living.

We offer educational services that accomodate a variety of learning styles. Our mission is to see lives transformed through education and training. 

The objective of our Educational Services department is to provide customized support to aid in the total transformation of each resident and the development of a new network of support.

The Need

We have identified four main barriers to our clients’ success in the marketplace and in living interdependently in the community:

  • Access to social and life skills
  • Insufficient access to educational services
  • Lack of career training and skill development
  • Limited opportunity to careers with sustainable wages

Because we value educational services for every man and woman in recovery, it’s an integral part of their recovery plan.

How We Serve

Our staff is dedicated to individualized support that promotes accountability and growth in Christ. We offer the following educational and professional growth opportunities to men and women.

Life Skills

We help men and women learn life skills including money management, time management, practicing self-care, developing healthy relationships, relapse prevention and computer literacy. Training for these skills accommodates a variety of learning styles that set up each man and women for transformative success. 

Career Guidance and Placement Help

We assist our residents in determining and achieving their career goals. This can include helping them enroll in college, trade and/or technical schools.

Life planning

We help men and women in recovery with planning for their life. This includes equipping them with the appropriate tools needed to handle natural stressors and challenges of life.

Community Partnerships

We work with several partners who help our clients achieve their long-term professional goals. Current partners include:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • The Grooming Project
  • Westside Housing Property Management Training Program
  • Morrison Culinary Program
  • The Sprint Center