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Homeless? We offer freedom and hope!

Are you a homeless man or woman needing freedom from your past and hope for your future? Shelter KC is here to serve you. See below for information about: 

  • homeless men
  • homeless women

Next steps for homeless men seeking overnight shelter

  1. Come to Shelter KC at 1520 Cherry St. You’ll see a gated entrance, ramp and sign that says “Client Entrance.” You can inquire about shelter at anytime.
  2. You can sign up for a bed from 9am to 3pm (5pm to 5:45pm, if necessary). Operating at capacity most evenings, bed are first come, first served. You can call before coming for an intake to ensure availability of a bed. Unless previous arrangements have been made, no guests may check in after 7pm.
  3. Once a bed is assigned to you (for 14 days), you will be assigned an arrival time between 3:30pm and 5pm.
  4. Guests are provided a meal, bed and shower for the night. Dinner is at 6:30pm; chapel is at 7:30; dorms open at 8pm; curfew is 10pm. Our clothing closet is available, as needed.
  5. For the safety of guests, volunteers and staff, guests must be willing to receive a pat-down for weapons or contraband, and they must agree to follow a strict code of conduct.
  6. At any time, you can request to meet with a case manager who can assist you in improving your living conditions and get you the help you nee. 
  7. Breakfast is at 6am and all guests must leave for the day by 7am. Exceptions are made when appropriate.

Men seeking recovery

Men interested in our recovery program are encouraged to inquire with our front desk or our Men’s Center page. To enter the men's recovery program, there is a process to get in and, typically, guests are not admitted the day they apply.

The website page includes more information about our short-term shelter, long-term shelter and long-term recovery program for men.

Next steps for homeless women seeking help

We do not offer emergency overnight shelter for homeless women. Our Women’s Center is a 20-bed residential recovery house for homeless women who are ready to heal from trauma and take steps toward freedom and recovery.

To inquire about enrolling in our Women’s Center program, please call (816) 348-3287.

Help for homeless families

We do not have a facility for children.

Shelter KC offers emergency services for men, residential recovery for men and residential recovery for single women who are not caring for children.

To find emergency shelter for families, contact the Hotline for the Homeless at (816) 474-4599.

Family members

We cannot confirm or deny if a family member is staying at Shelter KC. View more answers to frequently asked questions about our shelter services.

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