God Answers Prayers

God is at work at Shelter KC, and He is answering the many prayers that have been prayed over our ministry! We need God’s people to pray for us as we minister to those who are lost and hurting - the homeless men and women who come our way.

We believe God has continued to bless our endeavors since 1950 because of the faithful prayer support that’s covered us. 

Ongoing prayer needs at Shelter KC

Below are our continuing areas that need persistent and fervent prayer. Thank you for praying for Shelter KC!

  • The influence of drugs and alcohol on both men and women who come to Shelter KC for help. This is especially destructive in the lives of those who have made recent decisions to change their lifestyle and follow God
  • The men who are participating in the Christian Community of Recovery (C-COR). This is a residential community that helps residents break personal strongholds of defeat through recovery and Bible classes, personal coaching, community service and accountability
  • Residents in our Men’s Transitional Living program who are preparing to re-enter society
  • The women we serve and those who will come to receive help and hope at the Women’s Center
  • Those who come each evening for relief shelter services: that they would truly find freedom from their past and hope for their future
  • The ongoing development of staff and programs at both the Men’s and Women’s Centers
  • Funding for our ministries
  • Our committed base of volunteers to consistently find joy, refreshment and fulfillment through their service
  • The staff of Shelter KC who compassionately reach out to the lonely and hurting each day
  • Our Board of Directors, a group of volunteers who provide focus and direction for our programs and services

God is on my side

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