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Shelter KC Gave Me a Second Chance 

“This place gives you a second chance if you really want to do it and get back on your feet.” - Jess

Jesse's Story

New Year, New Opportunities

Do you have the heart to serve? Shelter KC is now hiring for several positions.

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THE IDEA OF “SHELTER” EVOKES CERTAIN IMAGES and feelings in our minds.

A tornado shelter is a refuge during a life-threatening storm. A shelterhouse in a city park is a gathering spot for friends and family to share a meal and to celebrate. We think of someone who has lived a sheltered life as having been kept out of some of the chaos of life, at least for a season.

A shelter is a safe place, a place that stays steady in the struggle. A shelter is a serving place, where needs are met and help is found. A shelter is a sacred place, where truth is spoken and God is present. A shelter provides rescue, but so much more. A shelter is a refuge, a temporary home to recover, to strengthen, to heal, to learn, to find hope, to be restored.

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Volunteering Opportunities at Shelter KC

Looking for ways to provide your time and talent? Shelter KC is also looking for volunteers to assist in providing resources to those that need them the most.

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