Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Shelter KC? See below for answers to frequently asked questions! If you cannot find your questions, please call (816) 421-7643.


How can I donate clothes or other items?

Bring all donations to 1520 Cherry Street in KCMO. We are open from early morning to very late at night. Pull into the gated parking lot and go into the visitor's door. They will send someone out to bring in your gifts and can issue a donation receipt. There is also a blue receptacle outside that can take clothes, blankets and other items.

Where should I take donations for the Women's Center?

Bring them to our Shelter KC Women's Center at 2611 E 11th Street in KCMO.

Can I buy items off Amazon and send them to you?

Yes, and we are so grateful! If you use Amazon Smile, we will get a small donation based off of a percentage of your purchase! You can mail them to: Shelter KC 1520 Cherry Street Kansas City, MO 64108 If you need to confirm that your items were delivered, or for a receipt, please contact us.

What is your physical address for mailing donations?

1520 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO, 64108

Do you take off-season clothing?

Currently, we can only accept in-season clothing due to lack of storage. See our immediate needs.

Do you take Bible donations?

Yes, we always receive Bible donations even if there’s a name engraved on the cover.

Do you take book donations for your library?

We are currently not in need of additional books for our library.

What are the immediate needs when cold weather hits?

Used coats, hats and gloves, laundry detergent, lunch meat, cheese and bread (anything to make quick meals for the men staying in all day and night)

What are the immediate needs when hot weather hits?

deodorant, sunscreen, hats, bottled water, lunch meat, cheese and bread (anything to make quick meals for the men staying in all day and night)

How much does it cost to feed someone?

We’ve calculated that it costs us $2.07 to provide a meal and compassionate care to those we serve. We appreciate any and all donations!

Where does your funding come from?

As a Christ-centered organization, we receive no government funding. We run on the generosity of people and families like you, churches and foundations. While in-kind donations help us reduce purchase costs, financial donations are critical to the continuation of our services.


How can I volunteer?

Start by browsing our volunteer opportunities!

Can my church volunteer together?

Yes, we’re grateful for church groups who partner alongside of us to serve homeless men and women of Kansas City. Learn more about serving with your church, and when you’re ready to get started, call Rachel Graham at (816) 421-7643 ext. 134.

Can I get community service hours for being a volunteer?

Yes, volunteer service hours can be used as community service hours but we do not allow court-ordered community service.

Shelter Services

Is my loved one staying there?

We cannot confirm or deny that someone is a client at Shelter KC, however if you’d like to send us a name and message, we can notify our team to be aware and pass it along.

Do you have a shelter for women and children?

We do not have a facility for children. Shelter KC offers emergency services for men, residential recovery for men and residential recovery for single women who are not caring for children. To find emergency shelter for families, contact the Hotline for the Homeless at (816) 474-4599. Transitional housing programs for families are available through Hillcrest Transitional Housing, and if there is an element of domestic violence, please call 911 or the Domestic Violence Hotline immediately (816) 861-6100.

Any programs for men who are working, yet homeless?

Yes! Shelter KC offers an innovative program for men called “Shelter Launch” for working men who are temporarily homeless. Learn more about this on our Men’s Services page.

Do you have any openings?

Shelter KC takes in new shelter guests from 9am to noon and 1pm to 3pm, 7 days a week.  Current guests check in daily from 3pm to 4:30pm. Because of the need for social distance, we cannot currently ensure that first-time guests receive a bed, but we will refer new individuals to other shelters when we are at capacity.

For the Men’s Center recovery program, contact (816) 421-7643 for information. For the Women’s Center services, please call 816-348-3287 to inquire about enrollment and screening. For more information, read our Get Help page.

Do we take anyone?

Our services and programs are available to any individual, 18 or older, regardless of race, religion, gender, lifestyle or creed. In order to stay with us, guests must pass a breathalyzer test. For the safety of guests, volunteers and staff, guests must be willing to receive a pat-down for weapons or contraband, and they must agree to follow a strict code of conduct. For our men’s recovery and women’s recovery programs, guests must agree to written conditions prior to admittance.

Do we charge money?

Men are invited to stay at our emergency overnight shelter free of charge. Those who commit to a case management plan or recovery program create a basic budget with and affordable program fee. This encourages them to invest in their progress, helps them save for the future and qualifies them for a housing and utilities scholarship upon successful completion of the program.

I need emergency help right now - what should I do?

If you’re in physical danger, please call 911. To learn more about the services available at Shelter KC, please call (816) 421-7643.

How many beds are in your homeless shelter?

We have a 60-bed bunk room at our Men’s Center emergency shelter. Our Women’s Center provides only long-term residential recovery services.

Is it true you have to attend chapel to stay?

Shelter KC provides a nightly chapel for men staying in our overnight shelter. It is a mandatory part of our hospitality services because we believe real hope and lasting help is found in Jesus Christ. Residents in our long term programs both at our Women’s Center and Men’s Center participate in daily Bible study and weekly chapels.