Take a Virtual Tour of Our Men's and Women's Centers

We are blessed to have two facilities where homeless men and women in Kansas City hear about the love of Christ as their physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met. See photos below for a “virtual tour” of our Men’s Center/Administrative Office and our Women’s Center!

Men’s Center
1520 Cherry Street, Kansas City, MO 64108
Learn more about the Men’s Center services

Dining room at Shelter KC
Labeled clothing in storage at Shelter KC
Shower room at Shelter KC
Exercise room at Shelter KC
Tubs full of donated items at Shelter KC
Bunk room at Shelter KC
"There is HOPE for all who enter here" sign on the Shelter KC door
Shelter KC sign
Library at Shelter KC with shelves of books

Women’s Center
11th & Prospect, Kansas City, MO
Learn more about the Women’s Center services

Entryway to garden covered in vines
Library at Shelter KC with shelves full of books
Shelves with "Hope sign" above them
Bathroom at Shelter KC
"Have Patience, God is not finished yet" sign on the door to a room at Shelter KC
Tubs full of sewing supplies
Madeline's Garden sign on gate
Closet at Shelter KC
Women's Center sign on building