Hello everyone,

For the past few weeks, we at Shelter KC – like the rest of the world – have been busy working to meet the challenges of COVID-19. At this time, our goals are simple but not easy…to do our very best to keep our guests encouraged, sheltered, fed and safe. "Safe and responsible" are our guiding principles as we make decisions about our services, staff and finances.

We have made and implemented response plans that are being updated on an ongoing basis. Our plans at this time include,

  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing measures at both of our facilities
  • Scanning guests upon arrival for raised temperatures with non-contact thermometers coupled with pre-screening questionnaires
  • promoting appropriate social distancing among our nightly guests and staff
  • Regularly have people sanitize and wash hands throughout the day.

Now with Kansas City under a “stay at home order,” Shelter KC will need to help the homeless meet this requirement as much as possible.

  • We are staying in operation while following the stay at home orders.
  • We are providing “home” for our shelter guests twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Some staff are working from home, with staff on site carrying a shared burden to continue basic operations.
  • All volunteer activities have been suspended for the time being.

Be assured, our primary mission of sharing the Hope of Jesus with hurting people remains the same.

These adjustments being made at Shelter KC will be evaluated and adjusted on an ongoing basis. If you need details about a specific service of Shelter KC, please email your request to Connie Chambers at cchambers@shelterkc.org.

Many have asked how you can best help us at this time. Your financial partnership remains critical to our ability to respond to today’s challenges and to be equipped to serve in the weeks and months to come. Many experts are predicting what this pandemic may mean for our world moving forward…I’m not going to attempt that. I can tell you that I – and all of us at Shelter KC – will continue serving to the very best of our ability. For us as staff, that includes trusting God and asking for His wisdom and discernment.

Your prayers for this ministry have always been so important, and such a blessing to us. I humbly ask for your continued prayers, and if you have specific prayer requests at this time – our team stands ready to lift you up in prayer also. You are welcome to send prayer requests to us through our website.

Nothing in our world is "business as usual" right now, and it’s definitely true for us as well. Thank you for your trust in our organization – and for your heart for men, women and children who are homeless, hungry and hurting.