Helping Those Without Homes
Shelter in Place
Working to Detect and Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Shelter KC (formerly the Kansas City Rescue Mission) is on the front lines for the homeless in the COVID-19 pandemic.  The organization is taking extensive precautions to help those with no place to go avoid the virus by offering them a safe way to shelter in place.

“Shelter KC is continuing its operation while implementing “stay at home” orders.  The obvious problem is that the homeless don’t have a way to stay home unless we offer them a place to be.

“We are providing a “home” for those without one twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in Kansas City during this pandemic,” said Eric Burger, Executive Director of Shelter KC.  “Our goals are simple, but not easy.  We are doing our best to keep those who need us safe, encouraged, fed and sheltered.”

“We have instituted substantially strengthened cleaning protocols.  While keeping a safe distance, we are able to check everyone who comes in for fever.  We have intensified social distancing for everyone in the building, stressing hand washing hygiene for everyone,” Burger said.

In addition, Shelter KC has removed some beds from the overnight shelter for men to provide appropriate distancing.  At the women’s facility, extensive cleaning, social distancing and reduced interaction has been instituted.  At either location, anyone with symptoms is immediately referred to health agencies equipped to serve them.

Some staff are working from home, but many staff members are on site, carrying additional responsibilities to continue basic operations.  All volunteer activities have been suspended for the time being.

This pandemic comes with increased financial burdens as well.  Supplies are dwindling.  With the economy taking a hit and so many people not working, Shelter KC donations have taken a hit as well.

“This drop off in donations comes just as we are challenged to serve more people in trouble.  Now more than ever before, we need the financial support of the community so we can respond to these challenges and be equipped to serve in the weeks and months ahead,” said Burger.

“Our overarching priority is to keep people safe.  We are working to prevent and immediately detect any illness among the people we serve,” according to Burger.

“Rest assured, our mission of sharing the Hope of Jesus with hurting people remains the same.  "Safe and responsible" are our guiding principles as we make decisions about our services, staff and finances.  For us as staff, this means trusting God and asking for His wisdom and discernment.”

Shelter KC has a nurse on staff who has been working nonstop to ensure that all health protocols are followed.  She also has been checking with men and women in the long-term rehab program to make sure they understand the COVID-19 symptoms to watch for.

Anyone who wants to help can go to the Mission’s website

Every dollar you give will go directly to help the most needy among us.

Shelter KC – A Kansas City Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered community offering freedom and hope to the poor and homeless, empowering them to reach their full potential.  Established in 1950, it has been our ongoing mission to serve people in desperate need.

Contact: Abby Spitler

Shelter KC on Covid Frontlines