Ready to Share with Those Serving the Poor
Distribution to Agencies Friday April 3rd

What would you do if you realized that you had tons of toilet paper stored in a warehouse?

Thanks to a “TP Tower” event in 2018 Shelter KC (formerly the Kansas City Rescue Mission) realized they have an abundance of toilet paper.  Thousands of rolls of toilet paper were donated to the organization for an event where participants constructed towers of toilet paper.  Up to now --- nobody was interested in getting this toilet paper for their charitable organizations.  However, as we all know, now is a different time with unique challenges for all of us.

Because of the unprecedented need for toilet paper --- the Shelter KC mission is planning to share that toilet paper with select charitable partners to help fill the need.  Toilet paper shortages have been caused by panic purchases and stockpiling due to COVID-19.  After this distribution, five small agencies/food pantries will make the toilet paper available to the community.  Each agency will receive five cases totaling 480 rolls of toilet paper.

When:          Friday April 3, 2020 – Distribution starts at 11:30 AM
Where:         Shelter KC Women’s Center Campus – 2611 E. 11th Street, Kansas City, MO 64127
Who:            Agencies that will receive donations include: A Turning Point, which offers a food pickup for needy in the community on Saturday mornings Metro Lutheran Ministries, open Monday – Friday, Footprints operating a food pantry, Micah Ministries, of Independence Boulevard Christian Church (Micah Ministries provides dinner, a food pantry and clothing on Monday evenings) and Bishop Sullivan Center.

The TP Tower contest was designed as a way for schools, youth groups and others to have fun while providing a needed resource.  Shelter KC uses 10,000 to 12,000 rolls of toilet paper a year at a cost of $6,000 to $6,500.  The toilet paper used in the contest went to Shelter KC.

The last TP Tower event was held in the fall of 2018. In fall of 2020, Shelter KC is planning a follow-up TP Tower event.

While sharing its abundance of toilet paper, ShelterKC is running low on both food and hygiene items during this pandemic.

Anyone who wants to help can go to the Mission’s website to help with in-kind or financial donations. Everything you give will directly help people in need.

Shelter KC – A Kansas City Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered community offering freedom and hope to the poor and homeless, empowering them to reach their full potential.  Established in 1950, it has been our ongoing mission to serve people in desperate need.


Contact Abby Spitler at for details.

Connie Chambers

Eric Burger