Volunteer Policies

The following volunteer policies help us create the best experiences possible for our staff, volunteers and clients. Please review them and our Mission and Values. We hope that you’ll consider applying for a Volunteer Opportunity if you’ve prayerfully considered your agreement and desire to abide by them.

Volunteer Schedules

Each volunteer’s schedule will be determined by the volunteer’s availability and Shelter KC’s needs. Volunteers are welcome to join meals at Shelter KC.

Dress Code

Volunteers should dress appropriately for the conditions and performance of their duties. Volunteers must wear modest clothing. Volunteers may not wear shorts above the knee, low-cut tops, excessively short skirts, or tight clothing. Clothing promoting profanity, sex, drugs, alcohol or violence is not permitted. Footwear should be comfortable and protective; no flip flops or high-heeled sandals. Shelter KC reserves the right to ask a volunteer to change clothing or leave the property if this dress code is violated.

Accidents and Injuries

Volunteers injured or involved in an accident while on our property must report to his or her staff supervisor immediately. An accident report must be filled out at the time of the incident by the volunteer and/or an observer.

Volunteer Age Restrictions

Children under 12 must be accompanied at all times by a responsible guardian from the volunteer group. Volunteers between the ages of 12 and 18 must be accompanied by one adult for every six youth. Volunteers under 16 must not operate gas-powered or electrical equipment.

Cell Phones and Cameras

Photographing or filming clients on Shelter KC property is prohibited. If you believe you have a legitimate reason for filming or photographing clients, you must contact the development department for permission and to obtain our release forms. Release forms must be signed by clients who are filmed or photographed and turned into the development department within 24 hours. Filming or photographing clients is a violation of their privacy and may result in the volunteer’s termination.

Group leaders should require that volunteers under 18 leave cell phones and cameras in the group’s vehicle. Youth seen using cell phones or cameras on Shelter KC property may be asked to leave the group activity and remain in the facility’s lobby until the group’s service has been completed.

Parking and Security

Volunteers may park in designated lots or along the streets surrounding our facilities. Use entrances designated for visitors to enter buildings. Leave valuable personal items at home or secured in your car’s trunk. Purses and coats may be stored in designated areas. Shelter KC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Interaction with Staff and Clients

Each volunteer is assigned a Shelter KC staff supervisor. If you have a conflict with a client, or need intervention, locate your supervisor immediately. If a client approaches you with a complaint or request, refer them to a Shelter KC staff member. The staff supervisor and his or her staff are responsible for disciplining clients.

Exercise wisdom and caution when interacting with clients. Displays of affection and concern can be misinterpreted. Maintain your personal space physically and emotionally. Private conversation and prayer must include a third party.

Do not:

  • give out your last name, mailing address, phone number or email address to a client.
  • touch, flirt with, date or enter into a romantic relationship with a client.
  • lend money, your car or personal items to clients.
  • purchase merchandise or services from clients.
  • hold or maintain personal property for clients.

Zero Tolerance

Shelter KC is committed to maintaining an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity and are free from discrimination, harassment, threatening language, offensive behavior or violence. Actions of this nature will not be tolerated.


Shelter KC does not tolerate harassment of any kind. If you believe you are being harassed, report the incident to the Volunteer Coordinator or department supervisor on duty immediately. Harassment includes but is not limited to things such as unwanted sexual advances, epithets, slurs or negative stereotyping, denigrating jokes, leering, whistling or touching, etc.


Shelter KC strongly believes all people should be treated with dignity and respect. Threatening language and/or acts of violence will not be tolerated. Instances of threats or violence must be reported to the Volunteer Coordinator or supervisor on duty immediately.


Shelter KC encourages volunteers to leave all valuable possessions either at home, locked in their car or in secure designated areas at Shelter KC. We are not responsible for stolen property and cannot be held responsible to secure your items. If you lose a personal item while serving at Shelter KC, please seek assistance from our staff on duty or report any actions of theft immediately.

Substance Abuse

It is the policy of Shelter KC to maintain an alcohol and drug-free environment. Possession, use, purchase, consumption, transfer or sale of alcohol and other controlled substances on Shelter KC property, while providing a volunteer service for Shelter KC or representing Shelter KC, is prohibited. Reporting for duty under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances will result in dismissal from the volunteer program.


Possession or use of weapons such as knives or firearms on Shelter KC property is strictly prohibited. This is to promote a safe environment for clients, staff, and volunteers alike. If you carry a concealed weapon we ask that you refrain from bringing the weapon on Shelter KC property.

Volunteers who do not comply with these policies will be dismissed from the volunteer program.