Limited Numbers Return Starting Monday, June 15

One of the reasons Shelter KC (formerly the Kansas City Rescue Mission) took the extraordinary step of administering Covid-19 tests to guests and staff was to pave the way for the return of volunteers.

When the tests showed that no one had the virus, then Shelter KC put out the word that volunteers could begin to return on a day-to-day basis.  However, there are some restrictions on the number of volunteers on site at any given time.

Shelter KC’s dedication to meticulous cleaning and social distancing will remain in place.  And, of course, the mission will continue careful monitoring of every person who enters the building while also keeping a close eye on those who are already there.

As the city slowly reopens, Shelter KC volunteers started asking when they could return.  The Covid-19 tests became a proactive step for the benefit and safety of the guests and program members, volunteers, and employees.

Starting Monday, June 15, six volunteers will be welcomed back to work alongside staff each day.  They will primarily be involved in the preparation and serving of dinner.  As the weeks go by, there will be an ongoing evaluation of the need for volunteers.  Any changes in CDC and Public Heath guidelines for volunteers will be strictly enforced.

“We hope and pray that we can return to welcoming all of our dedicated volunteers as soon as possible,” said Eric Burger, Executive Director of Shelter KC.  “Safety is our first priority for everyone here.  Which is why we are starting slow to ensure that our guests, staff and volunteers can safely interact with no chance of spreading coronavirus.”

“Volunteers are a big part of our work here.  Volunteering is a life-changing experience.  They tell us their own lives are enriched by interacting with our homeless clientele.  And we know that reconnecting with the community is important to the recovery process for anyone who has ever been homeless.”

There are also some creative ways the community can help with a variety of volunteer efforts that don’t even require being on site.  Shelter KC is asking volunteers to conduct drives for canned food, hygiene items or clothing items.  There is always a need for these things.

Food items - Milk, eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, cold cereal, hot cereal, fresh or frozen produce, and canned goods.

Hygiene items - Travel size shaving cream, toothpaste, and men’s deodorant. Full-sized shampoo, men’s body wash, and sunscreen for both men and women.

Clothing items - New men’s underwear and undershirts large - 3xl, new men’s flip flops all sizes, new women’s sun/garden hats s-xl, new women’s work gloves s-xl, new women’s sports bras s-2xl, and new women’s underwear sizes 5-12.

Anyone who wants to help can go to the Mission’s website to volunteer or to help with in-kind or financial donations.  Everything you give will go directly to help people in need.

Shelter KC – A Kansas City Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered community offering freedom and hope to the poor and homeless, empowering them to reach their full potential.  Established in 1950, it has been our ongoing mission to serve people in desperate need.

Shelter KC Volunteers to Return


Editors: Volunteers have already been registered for this week.  Dinner volunteers will arrive at 5:15 PM and depart by 8:00 PM.  All have completed the volunteer orientation (on line at:, and the hand washing demonstration at:  Feel free to use information or video as you see fit.

Contact: Abby Spitler at for details.

Connie Chambers

Eric Burger