Randy overcame abandonment as a child and an addiction to alcohol. But Shelter KC was there with the support he needed.

Randy’s mom died when he was just seven. His dad remarried and kept Randy’s older brother and baby sister, but Randy was placed in foster care. “I never understood why I wasn’t kept with the family,” he says.

Believing in God but lacking the guidance he needed to stay out of trouble, Randy began drinking. Eventually, his addiction became so bad it landed him in prison for three and a half years.

Twenty years ago, sick of being broke and a slave to his addiction, Randy prayed for God’s help and quit drinking. “I didn’t ask anyone but God for help, and He was there.”

Never one to be afraid of hard work, Randy was able to keep a job and his own place most of the time. But sometimes his past would catch up with him, and he would be asked to move on.

It was during one of those times four years ago that Randy first came to Shelter KC. He was here just long enough to get back on his feet by finding a job and a new place to live.A problem he couldn’t solve on his own.

Blind in one eye and bent under the weight of a huge tumor on his shoulder and back, Randy eventually returned to Shelter KC for help.

Life Coach and Chaplain Michael Purlee and R.N. “Nurse Liz” helped Randy navigate and coordinate the complexities of his medical journey. This included dealing with several debilitating health issues, including diabetes that had gone undiagnosed.

Today, Randy is looking forward to getting back to work and “having his own place.” Nurse Liz says she’s never met anyone who expresses his faith in God and his gratitude more than Randy. She says, “His heart of gratitude aided in his healing!”

Thank you so much for making Randy’s healing possible through your partnership!

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