God has me here for a reason!

Posted by shelterkc on November 7, 2023Category Client Story

“Dorrine grew up in an extremely abusive home in Baltimore. “My mom started abusing me at the age of six,” she remembers. “I was different. I didn’t look like...


Blessed with Recovery!

Posted by shelterkc on August 18, 2022Category Client Story

What leads people to become addicted to drugs or alcohol? In Willi’s case, it may have been watching his father, who was an alcoholic. Or being introduced to marijuana...


I know God has a purpose for me!

Posted by shelterkc on April 21, 2022Category Client Story

Marilyn grew up in a very strict religious home. “We weren’t exposed to alcohol...we weren’t supposed to drink or dance. I was the oldest and a preacher’s kid, so...


My Life Was Not Anything Like it is Now

Posted by shelterkc on March 18, 2022Category Client Story

Shelter KC offers a 9-month discipleship & recovery program called C-COR (Christian Community of Recovery). Frank is a military veteran who's suffered from a long-term, unhealthy relationship with alcohol. He's...


I Have God Back in My Life

Posted by shelterkc on August 25, 2021Category Client Story

Ivan lost everything he had and became homeless. But with his faith restored and life rebuilt, he plans to finish his college education and become a drug and alcohol...


A Heart of Gratitude

Posted by shelterkc on April 26, 2021Category Client Story

Randy overcame abandonment as a child and an addiction to alcohol. But Shelter KC was there with the support he needed. Randy’s mom died when he was just seven....

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Destitute and Broken

Posted by shelterkc on February 24, 2021Category Client Story

Raised in a Christian home with a grandfather who pastored a church, Ursula’s life was going well until her mother died of breast cancer just a month before Ursula’s...

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Joy, Confidence, and Empowerment

Posted by shelterkc on August 31, 2020Category Client Story

“Joy, confidence, and empowerment… that’s what Shelter KC means to me,” Tina says. When she arrived at our door, Tina was lacking in all three of these areas. That...


God is on my side

Posted by shelterkc on May 14, 2020Category Client Story

My name is Sandy and life for me has felt like a series of earthquakes. Every time I feel like I’m steady, everything shakes apart. The turmoil started early...

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Posted by shelterkc on March 18, 2020Category Client Story

In the first 12 years of Robin’s life, he was abandoned by his mother and father. He was abused and terrorized by his alcoholic uncle. Then his aunt, the...

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“I’m Finally Safe”

Posted by shelterkc on January 25, 2020Category Client Story

TREVA SAW THE SIGN as she walked down Prospect Avenue, anxious about her future. “I had just completed a stay at a nearby recovery ministry. Their program only allowed...

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Leading by Surrender

Posted by shelterkc on December 17, 2019Category Client Story

Sarah grinned ear to ear, pushed her graduation hat tassel out of her face and looked around the room full of guests who’d come to attend her graduation from...

Sarah's graduate certificate from Shelter KC

A Long Walk Home

Posted by shelterkc on November 6, 2019Category Client Story

On a brutally cold day last winter, Eric found himself at the end of his hope. “For more than 18 hours I hid from security at North Kansas City...

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Joe’s 2018 Christmas Letter

Posted by shelterkc on December 25, 2018Category Client Story

CHRISTMAS HAPPENS A LOT at Kansas City Rescue Mission. You see, Christmas marks the moment in time when God stepped into the confusion of a dark and dying world...

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Follow the Sign

Posted by shelterkc on October 3, 2018Category Client Story

At Shelter KC we see God's vision come to light every day in big and small ways. This is the story of Eugene and God's sign to him through...

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