Homeless woman on side of building trying to get change

LINDA PETERSON AND HER HUSBAND CRAIG demonstrate their love and concern for the homeless in Kansas City through generosity and service. Since it opened in 2013, Linda has been an avid volunteer at our Women’s Center

“My introduction to the KCRM Women’s Center began when my church, Christ Church Anglican, added it as a mission partner. Church members Jo and Forrest Cunningham were recruiting volunteers and providing items needed for two bedrooms the church was sponsoring.“As I learned more about the purpose of the Women’s Center, I loved that God was at the center of everything they were doing. I was also impressed with the results KCRM had achieved in its men’s recovery program.

“The week the Women’s Center opened, I took a tour and saw the rooms furnished by our church. I met its staff and a few of its first clients. After talking with some of the women, it occurred to me that women are women no matter how different our circumstances. We all have much in common.

“I love to cook, so I began taking lunch or dinner to the center a few times a month, then recruited friends at church to help provide meals and hold Bible studies. My church has generously supported the Women’s Center in many ways, providing outings, and special needs like the garden fountain, remodeling and holiday gifts. 

“There have been many changes at the Women’s Center over the years, but the one constant is the women. I enjoy each of them and I love seeing God at work as they gain confidence and strength.”

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