What leads people to become addicted to drugs or alcohol?

In Willi’s case, it may have been watching his father, who was an alcoholic. Or being introduced to marijuana at 13. Or going into foster care when his mom had to leave the family because his father was abusing her.

Leaving foster care at 17, Willi went to live with his dad and began using again. Moving in with his mom meant two or three years of sobriety before the cycle began in earnest: Drink, use drugs, get arrested, get probation.

No matter where he went, Willi found friends who used drugs and drank. “I couldn’t stay clean and sober,” he says. “I got suicidal and depressed. I didn’t think I had a road I could go on that would fix anything.”

Then Willi found Shelter KC!

“Every day I face little challenges, but today I don’t face them like I used to, where I’d go out and use or be angry. I face things responsibly.” Through our Gospel-based recovery program, Christian Community of Recovery (C-COR), Willi is striving to be clean, sober, active in church, employed in a career and experiencing “the abundant life” Jesus offers.

“I became a member of a church here, and I go faithfully on Sundays. I regularly do Bible studies. I’ve just turned my will and my life over to God. He’s got a greater understanding than I do. Every day is going
to be a journey but facing things with the Lord has gotten a lot better for me.”

Willi has also been rebuilding family relationships with his parents and siblings and setting goals for a brighter future that includes helping others find the great new life he has been granted.

“My goal is to stay here for another year, do the servant training institute, get my peer certificates, and start a counseling degree.”

Thank you for making a difference in Willi’s life through your partnership! 

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