DeMarco grew up in a single-parent home here in KC. Although he was exposed to church and religion “it didn’t take root.” Instead, he spent his time in “the fast lane.” He went into the military but went back to the same life when he came out, and eventually ended up in prison.

“I was very hard-headed, disobedient. I just didn’t want to follow the rules, so I did my own thing for a long, long time, and I compounded the problem with drugs and alcohol."

“I was so broken by the time I got here.”

DeMarco had come to Shelter KC once or twice several years ago but didn’t stay. Then came the day when the Lord spoke to him. “I heard a voice in my head which I believe was the Holy Spirit say ‘Get down to Shelter KC.’”

“God had me to a point where he was able to plant the seed, and that seed grew. It was fertile soil by that time. I embraced whatever the Lord had for me.”

“This place has been a blessing. God managed to get ahold of me spiritually where I entered into a magnificent relationship with Him, and He started to reveal Himself."

That relationship has helped DeMarco through some tough times. He was here for about a month and a half when his father died. The day after his father’s funeral, a nephew was shot and paralyzed. He spent time at the nephew’s bedside with his sister and “mended a lot of fences,” including restoring a relationship with his daughter.

Today, DeMarco is part of our Discipleship Through Service program, training to serve here at Shelter KC. “I see me in those gentlemen,” he says. “I see the need for help. I see the despair in their faces. I see the depression. I see the anger. I see all of those things that I experienced. And going through this program, it allows me to have some great hands-on contact with the people.”

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