Tom has been a guest here at Shelter KC off and on for 18 years.

His journey began in 1998 when he lost his mother, his brother and his marriage all within six months!

He had been making a good living as a union millwright and "dappling in drugs." But after the divorce all that changed.

"I was depressed and confused and turned to drugs to self-medicate. I started messing up on the job." Unable to pay his rent, he eventually found himself without a place to live.

Tom struggled for years, renting rooms at friends' houses, basically living as a couch-surfer. From time to time, he would come to Shelter KC for a meal and a bed.

He even entered our Christian community of Recovery program and was sober for two years. But depression and isolation cause him to turn to drugs for consolation.

It wasn't until he found himself sleeping beside a dumpster in the dead of winter that Tom finally had to face fact that the cycle was never going to end if he didn't get "serious about recover."

"The first time I didn't put my heart into it. I was leaving things out. I wasn't being totally honest, Tom says today. But when he finally made that commitment, getting the Holy Spirit strong in his heart and mind was "amazing!"

Today, Tom is living in a transitional house and volunteering here at Shelter KC where he chairs an NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting and works at the front desk.

Tom's message to the younger people he sees come through Shelter KC's door, "Get this straight now, while you're younger!"

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